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About Us

Face Masks

A Better Medical Supply Store:

Premium Quality Supply specializes in providing customers with a wide variety of medical supplies, sanitary, and health related products for medical professionals, commercial businesses, and individual customers. We also specialize in personal protective equipment (PPE) such as FDA approved face masks for medical professionals and face shields. We are a leading online medical supply store; with regards fast shipping, reliability, and safety.
Regardless of the scope of the order; we have the capabilities to fulfill both large wholesale and bulk orders for hospitals, medical supply distributors, and first responders as well as the ability to quickly ship smaller orders anywhere within the United States. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we only receive the highest quality products available. We strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and focus on our responsibility to ensure safety for our clients. For any questions about products, wholesale capabilities, or other general information please feel free to contact us.


Growing Distribution Reaching Everyone, Everywhere:

Our goal is to help ensure that healthcare professionals have accessibility to the products they need to help others. We have the capability to supply bulk and wholesale amounts of supplies to qualified distributors.

Striving to be more than just another medical supply store, we are aiming to build a network of medical supply distributors who can help us reach anyone who may need our products. If you would like to inquire about wholesale information please contact us.

Covid Team

COVID-19 Statement:

Premium Quality Supply is dedicated to the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to help arm healthcare professionals with the tools and supplies they need in order to save lives. For medical professionals and hospitals who require bulk personal protective equipment (PPE) , please contact us directly either over the phone or through our contact page.

Healthcare Professionals

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Medical Supply Distributors:

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